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The Katana Cabinet

Play your favorite classic games in your own
personal home arcade!

The KATANA cabinet features a professionally crafted combination video arcade and digital jukebox cabinet design that has a sexy design, 1 or 2 player control panel with spinner & trackball and everything else you need for the best in classic retro gaming. Turn any table top or bartop instantly in to a classic arcade or jukebox! More...

KATANA, the most versatile of Personal Arcades!

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The KATANA cabinet is a personal arcade system AND retro digital jukebox all in one!

You can choose now have the ULTIMATE 2 PLAYER GAMING AND RETRO JUKEBOX PLATFORM ON THE PLANET in the comfort of your own home!

KATANA integrates all the software and hardware platforms required for you to experience the ULTIMATE collection of classic arcade games in a universal, cool arcade product with their ORIGINAL Graphics, ORIGINAL Sound and ORIGINAL Picture aspect ratio!

The KATANA includes a CUSTOM computer platform, a 17" Flat Panel Display, a ONE TOUCH ON/OFF POWER SWITCH, an arcade authentic audio system with subwoofer and a revolutionary control panel with SWITCHABLE 4/8 way arcade joystick, arcade spinner, trackball and AUTHENTIC arcade joysticks and buttons.

The KATANA will definitely become the "centerpiece attraction" in any game room and the "life of the party" when you are entertaining.

Our systems have been extensively tested and designed to be fully compatible with all PC-based games and software emulators. You can also play your favorite XBOX games by hooking up your XBOX to the Excalibur monitor.

All DreamAuthentics products also come with:

ALL our arcade platforms can play thousands of video games designed for use with Microsoft Windows Operating System and are 100% compatible with the MAME(tm) emulator.

Don't delay - get a KATANA today!

MAME is an emulator application designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in
software.MAME can emulate many kinds of CPU so let's say you have an old AMD Athlon or a new Intel
chip and you were looking to play letís say Street Fighter then with MAME you can play your old
games from the past. Now with the advent of the internet and online games you can some of your old arcade games online

MAMEís can also be made into looking like old arcade machines. But what a MAME is itís the software
not how it looks or a even a game, itís the software that lets you play old games.