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LCD Arcade Monitor only uses cutting-edge LCD FLAT SCREEN ARCADE MONITOR TECHNOLOGY.

Because we only integrate 27" and 33" LCD FLAT SCREEN MONITORS instead of inexpensive Televisions or inadequate computer VGA or tube monitors, all our game displays are crisp, clear and 100% AUTHENTIC to the original arcade game's refresh rate, picture quality, color and aspect ratio.

For gaming, it offers what no other can, the ability to run every arcade game at the correct resolution, with the correct horizontal frequency, and the correct hardware scanlines. If you are willing to overclock / underclock your monitor, the arcade monitor is capable of perfect display! All games run horizontally will be true to the original (naturally, all games run vertically on a vertical setup will be true to the original as well).

PC games look great! DVD titles look unbelievable! And the way your favorite game looks will absolutely blow you away! You can watch the old classics flicker at 15kHz, then play current games at 25kHz, then blow away a few bad guys in the latest games you will find for PC's or watch a DVD movie at 31.5 kHz.

Your setup can be as advanced as it gets, or as trivial as installing your favorite games.
Unlike a TV or traditional arcade tube monitor, this new LCD monitor supports PC refresh rates which means you can even use current light gun technology or play PC games. It'll do anything that a PC monitor can do at a resolution of 640x480 or resolutions ranging up to 1024x768.

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